Troubleshooting and FAQ

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Common Pitfalls

Can I publish only a subset of my pages?

Yes! Quartz makes selective publishing really easy. Heres a guide on excluding pages from being published .

Can I host this myself and not on GitHub Pages?

Yes! All built files can be found under /public in the master branch. More details under hosting .

Do I need a website already?

No! Setting up Quartz means you set up a site too :)

command not found: hugo-obsidian

Make sure you set your GOPATH correctly! This will allow your terminal to correctly recognize hugo-obsidian as an executable.

# Add the following 2 lines to your ~/.bash_profile
export GOPATH=/Users/$USER/go
export PATH=$GOPATH/bin:$PATH

# In your current terminal, to reload the session
source ~/.bash_profile

How come my notes aren’t being rendered?

You probably forgot to include front matter in your Markdown files. You can either setup Obsidian to do this for you or you need to manually define it. More details in the ‘how to edit’ guide .

My custom domain isn’t working!

Walk through the steps in the hosting guide again. Make sure you wait 30 min to 1 hour for changes to take effect.

How do I setup Google Analytics?

You can edit it in config.toml and either use a V3 (UA-) or V4 (G-) tag.

How do I change the content on the home page?

To edit the main home page, open /content/

How do I change the colours?

You can change the theme by editing assets/custom.scss. More details on customization and themeing can be found in the customization guide .

How do I add images?

You can put images anywhere in the /content folder. The only caveat is that you should reference them in your Markdown by prefixing it with a /.

Example image (source is in content/notes/images/example.png)
![Example Image](/content/notes/images/example.png)

By default, the linkIndex.yaml (which Quartz needs to generate the Interactive Graph and Backlinks) are not regenerated locally. To set that up, see the guide on local editing

Can I use React/Vue/some other framework?

Not out of the box. You could probably make it work by editing /layouts/_default/single.html but that’s not what Quartz is designed to work with. 99% of things you are trying to do with those frameworks you can accomplish perfectly fine using just vanilla HTML/CSS/JS.

Still Stuck?

Quartz isn’t perfect! If you’re still having troubles, file an issue in the GitHub repo with as much information as you can reasonably provide. Alternatively, you can message me on Twitter and I’ll try to get back to you as soon as I can.

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