There may be some notes you want to avoid publishing as a website. Quartz supports this through two mechanisms which can be used in conjunction:

Filter Plugins

Filter plugins are plugins that filter out content based off of certain criteria. By default, Quartz uses the Plugin.RemoveDrafts plugin which filters out any note that has draft: true in the frontmatter.

If you’d like to only publish a select number of notes, you can instead use Plugin.ExplicitPublish which will filter out all notes except for any that have publish: true in the frontmatter.


This is a field in quartz.config.ts under the main configuration which allows you to specify a list of patterns to effectively exclude from parsing all together. Any valid glob pattern works here.

Common examples include:

  • some/folder: exclude the entire of some/folder
  • *.md: exclude all files with a .md extension
  • !*.md exclude all files that don’t have a .md extension
  • **/private: exclude any files or folders named private at any level of nesting


Marking something as private via either a plugin or through the ignorePatterns pattern will only prevent a page from being included in the final built site. If your GitHub repository is public, also be sure to include an ignore for those in the .gitignore of your Quartz. See the git documentation for more information.